Fortnite players feel ripped off over lack of bundles in Chapter 5

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Players on the Fortnite subreddit are growing increasingly frustrated with what they’re claiming is a lack of bundles over individual cosmetic items that have been sold in the Fortnite item shop since the start of Chapter 5.

The issue came to a head today in a thread entitled “Why is NONE of this Bundled?” by the user _Moist_Owlette_ who shared a screenshot of several Marvel themed items – including three Incredible Hulk cosmetics that included Hulk Smashers, the Demolisher Pickaxe and the Hulk reactive back bling skin. It seems that these items are all only available separately, despite having a clear commonality, and thus only available at full price. The next image also showed several Spider-Man themed cosmetics that also were only available to purchase separately, including a Green Goblin skin, a Green Goblin Glider and a Green Goblin Pickaxe. “Like this is just such BLATENT greed trying to get people to pay more for what they shouldn’t have to,” _Moist_Owlette claims. “Yeah, it’s ridiculous,” agrees Waste-of-Life18. “I’d like to buy Spiderman Zero but the skin + pickaxe is more expensive than the bundle.”

Some responders tried to offer their best guess at an explanation, thinking there’s been a lack of bundles due in part to the introduction of Lego Fortnite. “Here’s my guess, it’s probably true;” begins Alphasilverhawk. “All 3 bundles have emotes, however, they aren’t supported in LEGO, unlike the skins which are supported. So they avoided selling the emotes, and as a result, the bundles as well. I hate the reasoning if it is true.”

While plenty of people are jokingly referencing Epic’s $73 million legal bill since losing their appeal in the Epic vs Apple case earlier this week, many are just disappointed in how the shop has changed. “Since beginning of chapter 5 season one only few bundles appear,” claims MrGeek89. “I barely see bundles in the item shop. This needs to be changed soon. It’s gonna force players spend more money to purchase cosmetics now.” Tatoretot also worries this could be a bad sign for the future of Fortnite’s income, saying “Bundles were the only reason I spent money on the game, I really wonder if they are making more money from these shops. How many games have a massive community that surrounds the item store changing? It’s weird how they are trying to kill it off I can’t even think of the last time I checked a shop.”

Hopefully, Epic might offer more ways for its users to save money in the future – though they recently extended the deadline for Fortnite players to claim a potential refund. For more on the game, check out our Fortnite: Best guns in Chapter 5 and our weapons tier list.

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