King Charles and Kate Middleton’s hospital ‘like The Ritz’ says former patient

Asad Ashraf, 64, spent one night in The London Clinic in March 2022 and compared the stay to one at five-star Mayfair hotel The Ritz.

The stay, which cost £4,000, covered by insurance, featured plush bedding, gourmet food and silver service.

King Charles has been pictured at The London Clinic today (Friday 26th January) after it was announced he would be undergoing treatment for an enlarged prostate.

Kate, Princess of Wales, is also staying at the Marylebone hospital following planned abdominal surgery.

Asad, a retiree, also went in for a scheduled abdominal procedure. He described the entire experience as “luxurious”, adding it’s fit for royalty.

The dad-of-two from Hounslow, west London, said: “My stay was incredible. Even if you’re only there for a day, they really treat you fantastically. You’d expect it because of their reputation.

“I had no complaints at all and I shouldn’t imagine Kate would either – but then, she’s probably used to staying in places like that!”

Asad chose the hospital because he wanted treatment from a specific specialist working there.

He was discharged the following say and saw his treatment as “an overall smooth experience”.

During his time there he saw people cater to his every need. He said: “The room was well kitted and air-conditioned with an extra fan. It had a big TV with all Sky channels.

“The furniture was posh, made from real birch, and mahogany, and it had leather chairs. The bathroom had high quality toiletries and Egyptian cotton towels. The ceiling even had stars on like the night sky.

“I drank a pot of tea from a China cup and saucer with posh biscuits too.”

When it came to food, he was offered salt and pepper squid, steamed ginger sea bass, wild mushroom risotto and truffle fries.

Asad said: “There was concierge and food was available round the clock at a price for guests.

“I didn’t want much food after my surgery, but if you’re there for a long period of time like Kate, it would be very nice.”

Asad added: “You can compare a stay at The London Clinic to The Ritz or another five-star hotel.”

Buckingham Palace announced last week Kate’s surgery has been successful, and that she was expected to stay in the hospital for up to two weeks while she recovered.

The King is expected to stay in hospital for two nights as he recovers from his scheduled treatment.

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