Archer Firms Air Taxi Infrastructure Deal With Signature Aviation

Archer Aviation Inc. (NYSE:ACHR), a developer of electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) air taxi aircraft has firmed a major infrastructure deal with Signature Aviation.

Their signed Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) focuses on electrifying Signature’s vast network of over 200 airport terminals.

This collaboration grants Archer access to prime takeoff and landing sites in key metropolitan areas across the US and globally. This will include New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco Bay Area, and Texas.

Air Taxi Operations at Major Hubs

The MOU also identifies launch opportunities for Archer’s air taxi service as early as 2025. These will be incorporated in major United Airlines hubs like Newark International (EWR) and Chicago O’Hare (ORD) Airports.

To create a network of charging infrastructure, both companies will leverage their existing partnerships with BETA Technologies.

BETA’s interoperable rapid recharging systems, already endorsed by the General Aviation Manufacturers Association (GAMA), will be installed across Signature’s network.

These systems utilize the Combined Charging System (CCS), a versatile solution that can charge not only electric aircraft. The system will also provide power for cars, airplane tugs, buses, and other essential airport vehicles.

With installations exceeding 20 airports nationwide and 50 more in development, this technology is already gaining traction within the industry.

Making Urban Air Travel a Reality

Bryan Bernhard, Archer’s Chief Growth & Infrastructure Officer provided comment.”This collaboration is a major step towards making sustainable and efficient urban air travel a reality.”

“By electrifying key infrastructure in major cities, we are paving the way for seamless integration of our Midnight aircraft into urban environment. It offers a reliable and time-saving transportation solution for our passengers.”

Archer’s Midnight boasts the capability to perform frequent flights with minimal charging time in between. This makes it ideal for urban air taxi services.

“We are excited to partner with Archer and contribute to shaping a sustainable future for aviation,” echoed Derek DeCross, Chief Commercial Officer at Signature Aviation.

“This partnership unlocks exciting possibilities for innovative and eco-friendly aviation solutions. We are thrilled to offer our guests priority access to Archer’s Midnight aircraft, the future of urban air mobility.”

Electrification by 2025

Archer and Signature Aviation aim to electrify the initial launch locations by 2025. The partnership will then focus on expanding across Signature’s global network as Archer scales up its aircraft production.

This collaboration promises to establish a leading electric aviation infrastructure, offering premium services and revolutionizing urban commutes.

Archer’s vision is to transform urban transportation by replacing lengthy car commutes with swift, sustainable, and noise-reduced electric air taxi flights, estimated to take only 10-20 minutes.

An Archer Aviation Midnight eVTOL aircraft on the tarmac.
Photo Credits: Archer Aviation

About Archer

Archer is designing and developing electric vertical takeoff and landing aircraft for use in urban air mobility networks.

Archer’s mission is to unlock the skies, freeing everyone to reimagine how they move and spend time. Archer’s team is based in Santa Clara, CA.

About Signature Aviation

Signature Aviation is the world’s preeminent aviation hospitality company, offering exceptional experiences and essential support services to business and private aviation guests.

The company’s large-scale infrastructure footprint enables travel, fosters human connections, and is a critical global economic driver.

Signature operates an industry-leading network of private aviation terminals, with over 200 locations covering key destinations in 27 countries across five continents.

It is also the largest distributor of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) and became the first aviation firm to achieve operational carbon neutrality in 2022.

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