Diablo 4 fans speculate on Season 3 theme, and the theories are not what you’d expect

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With details remaining scarce on the Diablo 4 Season 3 theme, fans looking forward to the game’s next hellish update have begun speculating on the next season’s plot, and the theories they’ve come up with are not what you’d expect. Now, the Blizzard ARPG’s third season will likely focus on a specific demonic faction, much like how it was in Season 1 with the Malignant and Season 2 with Vampires. But based on several comments, it seems players want Season 3 to go in a completely different direction.

Ahead of the Diablo 4 Season 3 release date, which remains unconfirmed at the time of writing, the lack of specific information on the next update has forced the community to come up with their own ideas on what dangers and adventures Sanctuary will be home to soon. Over on Reddit, one player bluntly claimed that the third season’s theme would include “demons and overpriced store micro-transactions,” which have undeniably been recurring themes throughout each update.

Another commenter, on the other hand, wants the developers to focus on “more sexy male sorcerer outfits” with crop tops, veils, and, possibly, questionable “assless chaps.” Of course, the lack of viable transmog options for male sorcerers has been a significant point of contention within the community since Season 1, so this idea isn’t quite as improbable as the others and could come to fruition at some point (though controversial assless chaps in Sanctuary seems highly unlikely).

But aside from these farfetched theories, one user also revealed that they had theories based on file names leaked ahead of BlizzCon 2023. According to the player’s claims, the update will allegedly focus on constructs, with enemies and allies being similarly themed. Now, since Blizzard has yet to confirm this information, you will need to take it with a heaping amount of salt for the time being. However, we will keep an eye on any developments and provide you with updates as soon as they’re confirmed.

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