Fortnite patch notes (January 2): Enforcer AR, Flowberry Fizz, and more

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Today’s Fortnite update came out of nowhere. Epic Games did not previously announce it, but this comes as no surprise considering that it’s not a major update. The patch requires no download, so you can head into the game and see all the latest changes.

Our Fortnite patch notes will cover all you need to know about today’s update. We will take a look at the new items and check out some things that were removed from the game, including free Fortnite skins.

The new Fortnite update brought two items today

The January 2 update brought the Enforcer AR and Flowberry Fizz. Many players are already familiar with the assault rifle, as it was available by eliminating Vengeance Jones at the Underground HQ. However, the new weapon is now available from other loot sources and in a few more rarities.

The Enforcer AR is a high-damage weapon that has a low fire rate. The Legendary (Gold) variant of the weapon deals 39 damage per shot, while the Common (Gray) rarity deals 32. The new Fortnite weapon can be modded with several attachments, including optics and underbarrels.

Flowberry Fizz is another new item that arrived with today’s Fortnite update. The consumable item grants up to 100 Shield and a low-gravity effect. It can be used in a small radius, allowing you to heal your teammates as well. Flowberry Fizz is found in chests, floor loot, supply drones, and other loot sources.

Besides these Fortnite patch notes, it’s important to add that several items have been removed from the game. The Grappler is no longer available, including other Winterfest items. On top of that, you can no longer finish Winterfest 2023 quests and unlock free cosmetics.

The next Fortnite update will likely come out on Tuesday, January 9. Epic Games had a two-week winter break that ended on Tuesday, which is why we expect more content soon.

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