From Software needs to add a boss rush mode to Elden Ring

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You probably remember the first time you beat Malenia, Rykard, or Radahn in Elden Ring. After all, the sheer dedication and persistence you need to endure hundreds of consecutive deaths makes victories against these omnipotent demigods all the sweeter. Of course, once you get a taste for felling legends, we wouldn’t be surprised if you want to do it again. Unfortunately, the only way to do that is through a new game, which isn’t ideal because the Lands Between is filled with those annoyingly pesky Runebears.

For this reason, From Software needs to introduce a boss rush mode to Elden Ring à la Sekiro, where players could spend even more time running the gauntlet against Margit and friends. Plus, with Shadow of the Erdtree adding more unique major encounters to the game, a boss rush mode would be a perfect final gift to the community before From Software eventually pivots its focus onto its next big project.

Some fans on Reddit are even pleading with the developers to introduce an Elden Ring boss rush mode since it “would add even more longevity to the game.” But since adding it to Sekiro in a post-launch update in 2020, From Software has yet to add (or even tease) it alongside their past or most recent games, like Bloodborne or Armored Core VI. And, since the developers have yet to mention it following their release of the hit Elden Ring expansion, it seems unlikely to arrive any time soon, if at all.

Of course, for all we know, company president Hidetaka Miyazaki and co. could already be secretly developing more features for Elden Ring (including a boss rush mode). The only way to know for sure, though, is to wait until From Software officially announces it, as it did with the expansion. Until then, why not check out our page on how to beat Promised Consort Radahn in Shadow of the Erdtree so you can easily defeat one of the most difficult bosses in the DLC?

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