Is Valorant down? Check server status and maintenance

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Is Valorant down? If you’re having trouble accessing the Riot Games FPS, this question may have already crossed your mind more than once. Fortunately, you’ve come to the right place because we’ll cover the shoot ’em up’s server status here so you know when you can jump back into the fray.

Of course, before you start joining matches again, we recommend taking a look at our Valorant agent tier list to give you an idea of what the current meta looks like. However, if you already have a group of agents you prefer using, keep reading to find out more about Valorant’s server status instead.

Are Valorant servers down?

Yes, Valorant are servers are down after players reported being unable to access the game. According to a few user posts on X (formerly Twitter), some are still having trouble jumping into the game and finding matches as of writing. However, server outages have seemingly abated as network outages have dwindled in the past few hours, per the trusty

If you’re still having trouble playing the game, we suggest restarting the Riot Client so the app can implement any fixes the development team has recently pushed out. Alternatively, you can also check Riot Games’s and Valorant’s official channels for more details and additional support regarding in-game connectivity.

How to check if Valorant servers are down?

The easiest way to check if Valorant servers are down is by heading to Their dedicated page for the Riot Games FPS will tell you all you need to know on whether the network connectivity problems you’re experiencing are an isolated or widespread issue.

Alternatively, you can head to the official Valorant or Riot Games Support X accounts for timely updates on server downtimes and maintenance periods. Lastly, the Valorant Discord server is also home to announcements from different community managers and you can also reach out to moderators directly for any help you might need.

Those are all the ways you can check on Valorant’s server status. For more help on the game, take a look at our guides on our Valorant agent tier list, the best Valorant crosshair codes list, and how to uninstall Valorant in 2023.

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