Job listing renews heated player discussion around Valorant on Xbox and PS5

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A second Riot Games job listing for a supposed Valorant console port has fans pondering its possibilities. It suggests that the popular online shooter is under development for the Xbox Series X|S and PS5.

If you’re already playing on PC, here’s our Valorant Agent tier list if you’d like updates on the current meta. This should help you progress in the Valorant ranking system.

Job listing for a potential Valorant Xbox and PS5 port

Months after the first such listing on the Riot careers page, Valorant Unlocked discovered an Associate Console Playtest Analyst listing on a contract basis. You can even apply for it here.

While the job expects professional experience in console FPS titles, what surprised most players is the requirement of hitting Radiant rank in Valorant. It’s a step up from the Immortal rank requirement of the previous posting, meaning that the role might involve more high-skill maneuvers and playtests for unreleased content. Like other roles at Valorant, Riot Games also mentions the Community Code.

Does this mean that Valorant is finally coming to Xbox and PS5

There’s no official word on a console port of the shooter from Riot Games but Anna Donlon, Executive Producer on Valorant, hinted at the possibility of a port in the Dev Diaries video earlier this year. She mentions that bringing Valorant to new platforms is ‘going slower than we hoped but we want to get it right.’ 

The Valorant Reddit has been abuzz with the expectations of both longtime fans and newcomers. One major concern, voiced by user NotRiceProfile, is ‘I just hope crossplay is not active in competitive.’ Others like user jaosky noted ‘Auto aim incoming’ as consoles have traditionally offered aim assist options for controller players. While this does open up more ways to play, offering crossplay in such a tense environment might not be to everyone’s liking. 

Fun fact: CS: GO did show up on consoles

While you cannot directly purchase it, CS: GO’s Xbox 360 backward compatibility support means that you can try it on newer Xbox consoles. It was an odd addition and the newer CS2 hasn’t made the same jump to consoles from PC.

But if a Valorant port to consoles (or even mobile) stuck to different servers, I’m certain that the game can find a new audience. Considering Microsoft’s partnership to offer all Agents to PC players via Game Pass, this could also extend to the Xbox port at a later date.

Speculation aside, Valorant on consoles appears to be inching closer to a solid release date. If you’re looking to improve your aim before that, here are our best Valorant crosshair codes. We’ve also got a Valorant Night Market schedule.

Valorant job listing consoles FAQs

Is Valorant coming to Xbox Series X|S and PS5?

There is no official confirmation.

Does Valorant have aim assist?

No, the game doesn’t currently offer this feature.

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