KickOff 2024 with 31-Day Vegan Challenge #VeganRichaStart2024

Happy new year, Vegan Richa family!

As we ring in 2024, I’m super excited to invite you to join our 31-Day Vegan Challenge starting this January. It’s more than just a challenge; it’s a celebration of our shared love for simple, delicious vegan cooking.

Each recipe we’ll explore together is a gem from our blog, chosen for its ease and ability to jazz up your meal routine.


Joining is super easy! Just sign up and you’ll get a fantastic vegan recipe every day, ranging from comforting stews, to  1 pot meals to vibrant stir-fries. Sign up below.⬇️

Share Your Creations and Win! 📸🏆

We’ve got some amazing weekly prizes too!

  1. Simply reply any of the recipe emails you get with a picture of what you made.
  2. And share your dishes on any of the social media. Don’t forget to tag #VeganRichaStart2024 so that I can see it.

Here is what you are cooking for —

  • Week 1 Prize: 🌪️📚 – NutriBullet with my first book “Vegan Richa’s Indian Kitchen“: A powerful NutriBullet blender to whip up your favorite smoothies and sauces, accompanied by the first book.
  • Week 2 Prize: 🌶️📖 – Spice Set with my second book “Vegan Richa’s Everyday Kitchen“: An exquisite collection of spices to elevate your cooking, paired with the second book.
  • Week 3 Prize: 🔥🍲📘 – Instant Pot with my third book “Vegan Richa’s Instant Pot Cookbook“: An Instant Pot for easy and efficient cooking, complemented by the third book.
  • Week 4 Prize: 🍳📚📚📚 – Caraway Pan and All 3 of my books: A high-quality Caraway pan, perfect for a variety of cooking techniques, along with the complete set of all three vegan recipe books, offering an extensive array of plant-based culinary delights.

Frequently Asked Question

Q: Who can participate in the challenge?

Anyone can from around the world but we may not able to ship the prizes and if you win, we will instead do a gift card.

Q: Do I need to be vegan to enter?

No! The challenge is to try as many vegan meals as possible!

Q: Are your recipes allergy friendly?

Yes – all recipes are allergy friendly or have substitutions listed in notes

Q: Do I have to make all the recipes to enter?

No, you will have to make atleast one recipe to enter for that week.

Q: Do i need to sign up again if I already subscribe to your blog recipes email?

Yes, this is a separate 31 day only email series. Join to get this whole series.

Q: How do I participate?

Sign up on the form above, get daily recipes from me, reply with a photo and if you are on social, then tag on social media. Have fun cooking!

Lets begin!

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