Madden 24 franchise draft steal has community chatting

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It is always possible to find a Madden 24 franchise draft steal. There are multiple ways to do so. First, you can find someone late in the selection process that has a superstar development trait, or one with very good attributes that ends up being a much higher OVR than initially expected. The second way is if someone projected to go very high slides to your pick later in the round, which is the same way an NFL team would do it. In the case of one Reddit user, they were faced with the chance to do the latter in their franchise mode.

Madden 24 franchise draft steal prompts debate

u/Comfortable_Regrets shared to Reddit that they had a chance to select a player at the 32nd pick that was projected to be a top five selection. It was a relatively unprecedented slide, but he didn’t play a position of this user’s need. It had him wondering whether or not he should take that sliding star or pass for a more needed position.

Image via u/Comfortable_Regrets on Reddit

Many players suggested selecting the player and then trading him away. The original poster shared that he had a 25-year-old quarterback who had helped him win multiple Super Bowls, so he was pretty established there. Nevertheless, the community felt like a trade was a good idea.

The original poster said, “Idk what I would have gotten for him if no one wanted him 1st round, he ended up only being like 72ovr hidden dev.” Ultimately, he did select him, but he still wasn’t sure it was the right move to grab this potential Madden 24 franchise draft steal.

u/Hstuckey said, “You take him on value alone at that point I think.” u/OutColds echoed that sentiment by saying, “You chose a pick 32 over a top 5 player? Could easily just used him as awesome insurance or trade him gor future top 5 picks.” u/jericho-dingle had a wild option, “That’s when you take him and trade your QB for a million picks.”

Not everyone was in favor of selecting the QB and trading one of the user’s, though. u/Rileypup7 suggested they take the center instead, “That center is a sure fire stud though unless his combine is awful.”

u/GroundbreakingLand53 believes there’s a reason the QB slid so far, “He’s probably 2nd-3rd round talent. Feel like somehow cpu scouts players and know when they’re not worth it.” Another user replied, “Yea the CPU is usually really good at spoiling who’s actually a generational player or not.”

Another mentioned that the AI can do a pretty good job of sensing busts, so if someone’s falling this far, it’s probably for a good reason. Clearly, the community is split on what to do in this scenario, although not many mentioned trading down with someone who wants to draft the QB.

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