Madden 24 running back value has players split

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The Madden 24 running back value is not the same as the real life NFL value of the position, where major changes have taken place recently. Nevertheless, the NFL’s mindset has certainly pervaded Madden gaming and there’s no consensus on good deals for running backs in the simulation. A recent signing by a Madden Redditor has the community discussing this divide.

Madden 24 running back value gets discussion churning

It is becoming the predominant mindset in the NFL that running backs are the least valuable player on the offense and perhaps on the entire team. The vast majority of them are only as good as the blockers in front of them, so teams should invest the money in the offensive line rather than a high-priced back.

Some Madden players believe the same thing. There’s only so much a 92 OVR back could do if their linemen cannot pave holes for them or keep the defenders out of the backfield. It’s less consequential in the game, but the same downfall to spending big on a running back can apply.

Image via u/KrypteK1 on Reddit

u/KrypteK1’s Reddit post has the community thinking, though. What about a generational running back? Is he worth a massive contract? The player in question could have commanded a five-year, $100 million contract, which is almost unheard of in the NFL. The biggest running back contract in the NFL is a five-year, $75 million deal for Alvin Kamara.

Some of the community believes this is a good deal for a 99 OVR back who’s off to a historic start. u/BSDawg said, “He’s legitimately on track to be by far the best running back of all time and he’s 24 with no areas you could get anyone better in. Well worth $20 mill per year, even more, and the fans would be p****d in real life lol.”

u/sussybaker420 said, “He will be in his prime all 5 years and there’s no way I won’t pay a 99 ovr 20m a year if he’s giving me those numbers.” u/apatheticallystoned instinctively said no way before seeing the stats and changing his mind.

Several others were in agreement, as u/milkynipples69 added, “The thing with madden is a great rb can make up for a sus o-line unlike in real life so paying for a rb in game doesn’t tank your team.”

This was not a consensus, though. u/Killerphive said, “I usually don’t pay RB unless cap is off or something.” u/consortwithserpents was blunt, “I wouldn’t pay 20m for any running back.” u/Sevisgod added, “I never pay running backs.”

u/bobjohndaviddick said it plainly, “Nah I wouldn’t never pay no big money for a f*****g running back but that’s just my white a*s if I’m being 110 percent g*****n honest.” Several members shared this thought and wouldn’t personally shell out so much for an HB.

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