Players call for changes to overpowered aim assist in The Finals

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The Finals has quickly become a favorite in the FPS community. Still, recent feedback highlights a growing concern: a powerful aim assist feature. As players enjoy the game’s dynamic action, many advocate for adjustments to this controversial mechanic.

Aim assist, designed to level the playing field in cross-play environments, has always been a contentious feature in FPS games. A recent clip from The Finals subreddit showcases the feature’s intensity, with a player’s weapon snapping onto targets in a manner some are comparing to an “aimbot.” This has sparked a debate among the game’s community, with many expressing frustration over the perceived imbalance it brings, especially in a competitive setting.

The clip shared by user GOTTA_BE_FR3SH has stirred considerable response, with players sharing their experiences of the aggressive aim assist. Some noted the feature’s effectiveness with various weapons, including shotguns and snipers, leading to comparisons with notorious aim assist mechanics from games like MW2. The concern isn’t just limited to console players, as those using PC controllers also report this “aimbot-level” aim assist.

via Reddit – u/GOTTA_BE_FR3SH

With The Finals still in its early stages, Embark Studios is navigating a host of initial feedback and balancing issues. The community’s strong reaction to the aim assist feature suggests it will be a critical area for the developers to address. As with many newly launched games, player input is vital in shaping updates and improvements. The community is hopeful that Embark will take swift action to adjust the aim assist, ensuring fair and competitive gameplay across all platforms.

As The Finals continue to captivate players, the aim assist issue has become a prominent topic within the community. Players are calling for Embark Studios to refine this feature to maintain the game’s competitive integrity. With the game still in its infancy, there is an opportunity for the developers to respond to these concerns and enhance the overall player experience.

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