Snowflakes and snuggles: Winter wellness checklist for every pet parent

As you know, weather differs across India, with some areas experiencing mild winters and others facing extreme cold. Whether your pet loves outdoor play or snuggling close, when the temperature drops, they need extra care for comfort. You would be among the many pet parents who make the same error if you believed that their fluffy coat would be sufficient to keep them warm. For pet parents, winter poses unique challenges in keeping their furry companions happy and healthy. To make the most of the cold season with you, it’s important to make sure your beloved furry companion is as healthy and comfortable as possible!

As winter blankets the world in frosty magic, it’s time for pet parents to ensure their furry companions stay snug and content.(Unsplash)

Winter Pet Care Tips

Sushen Roy, Business Head, Zigly shared with HT Lifestyle a comprehensive checklist to keep your pets thriving in the winter wonderland. (Also read: 8 winter superfoods for your pets to boost their immunity )

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1. Winter outfits that combines style and warmth

Winter’s chill? No problem! Treat your furry buddy to a snazzy sweater or a cozy jacket. It’s like a toasty embrace that keeps them snug while strutting their style outdoors. Look for soft, non-itchy fabrics that let them move freely. Trust me, they will be the talk of the town in their chic winter ensemble.

2. Paw protection for shielding their soles

Snow and ice can be tough on tender paws. Grab those adorable boots to shield their feet from the cold ground and any icky stuff on the sidewalks. After strolls, a quick paw wipe keeps them comfy and clean and prevents any discomfort or irritation.

3. Beat boredom blues with indoor fun

If they are stuck indoors due to the frosty weather, let’s turn it into a playful haven! Engage them with interactive toys, challenging puzzles, or fun games that get them moving. Try a treasure hunt with hidden treats or teach them a quirky new trick. It’s like a thrilling indoor escapade that wards off boredom.

4. Adjusting the winter menu

Winter might tinker with your pet’s appetite or energy levels. Chat up with your vet to fine-tune their meals for the season. Finding that perfect food balance ensures they are getting the right nutrition. Keep that water bowl topped up; hydration is key!

5. Winter walk tips for your pooch!

Alright, when you are taking your furry friend out for a winter stroll, try to keep it around 30 minutes or less. But, here’s the scoop – what feels just right for one pup might be a bit too chilly for another. Keep an eye out, especially for the senior dogs or those adorable little puppies—they are more likely to feel the cold in their bones and might need some extra care after their walk!

6. Health check for keeping them fit and fine

Winter vet visit, anyone? Schedule that check-up to ensure your furry friends are in tip-top shape for the frosty days. Discuss any concerns—like dry skin or creaky joints—that the winter might bring. Your vet’s advice will keep your pal feeling fantastic despite the cold snap!

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