The Finals’ ranked battles under attack by cheaters, inciting fan outrage

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The Finals, a popular combat-centric free-to-play game, grapples with a significant cheating issue in its ranked matches. This problem is causing frustration among players and casting doubts on the effectiveness of existing anti-cheat measures.

A recent incident highlighted by a Reddit user, Nieoh, has brought attention to the rampant cheating. They shared a demo reel of a cheater blatantly using an aimbot in ranked matches. Such incidents have become increasingly common, especially at higher ranks, tarnishing the game’s competitive integrity. According to player reports, cheaters are disrupting games and offering rank-boosting services, exploiting the game’s popularity for profit.

via Reddit – u/Nieoh

As cheaters continue to infiltrate ranked matches, the community’s dissatisfaction grows. Players are calling for more robust and effective anti-cheat solutions to preserve the competitive environment they value. The prevalence of cheating affects not only individual games but also the overall ranked experience and the game’s reputation as a fair, competitive platform.

Embark Studios has acknowledged the cheating problem and is reportedly working on solutions to enhance the game’s anti-cheat system. The team has faced technical challenges in efficiently banning cheaters but has communicated that a fix is imminent. As the game recently celebrated a milestone of 10 million players, the urgency to resolve these issues is higher than ever to maintain the player base and ensure a fair, competitive landscape.

The Finals’ players are eager for a resolution to the cheating problem that threatens to undermine the game’s competitive integrity. With the community and developers recognizing the issue’s severity, there is hope for swift and effective measures to combat cheating. Maintaining a fair and enjoyable environment will be crucial for sustaining its success and popularity as the game continues to grow.

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