This Fortnite feature makes no sense, but Epic claims it’s working as intended

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The imaginative world of Fortnite is home to a bucketload of small details and qualities that make it as immersive and inclusive as possible. However, one particular feature is now being heavily scrutinized after several players labeled it nonsensical: giving all party members the ability to change the selected game mode. Since everyone in a group can change the match type, it often becomes chaos, essentially rendering the role of a party leader useless.

It’s currently unclear when this feature was added, as the latest Fortnite patch notes on January 2, 2024, merely introduced the Enforcer AR and the Flowberry Fizz. So naturally, one player who has become increasingly frustrated with constantly changing game modes has flagged it with the battle royale developer, mistaking it as a glitch. The official Fortnite Status X (formerly Twitter) account then clarified that this feature works as intended and is “not a glitch.”

The developers added in the same post: “This was updated so all players in your party can select an Experience to play – and not just the Party Leader.” Of course, the community wasn’t exactly pleased after discovering that this feature was added on purpose, as one player complained that their “teammates kept switching the mode on [them].” Others chimed in with their own experience, with another person claiming that “this is why [they] rarely do open lobbies anymore.”

With Epic Games yet to respond to these complaints, this feature may end up remaining for the foreseeable future despite not making sense to most players. So all fans can do now is hope that the developers eventually change their mind and make this a setting that party leaders can toggle on and off. Until then, check out our pages on the LEGO Fortnite build limit, Fortnite hotspots, and the Fortnite GeoGuessr game to pass the time.

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