What is an over-speeding device and should it be mandatory on all cars in India

Intelligent speed assistance systems or ISA can potentially prevent accidents by scanning local speed limits and issuing warning messages to the drive

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Speeding is a very real menace on roads all over the world. In India, a country that tops the list of nations with the most number of road fatalities, overspeeding is often cited as one of the biggest factors that cause accidents. While almost every car sold in the country now have a visual and audible warning beep at 80 kmph and continuous beeping at over 120 kmph, an over-speeding device could be the next measure aimed squarely at improving safe driving practices.

An over-speeding device, also referred to as intelligent speed assistance systems or ISA, points to a video camera and GPS-linked speed-limit data to scan the permitted speed limits on various roads and warn drivers accordingly. It is different from the current system in place on many new cars sold in India because while the latter issues video and audio warning at 80 kmph and 120 kmph, an ISA will continuously monitor the different limits set on different stretches of roads and highways.

ISA is being made mandatory on all new cars sold in the European Union from July onwards. A survey by US’ Insurance Institute for Highway Safety also shows that around 60 per cent of drivers in the country are in favour of ISA in their respective vehicles.

Should ISA be mandatory in all new cars in India?

India has taken some very significant steps towards improving road safety. Better road infrastructure, cars adhering to defined safety protocols and introduction of Bharat NCAP to rate crash worthiness of vehicles are some. But driver awareness is identified by many as an area that deserves very close attention.

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ISA could help drivers adhere to local rules and regulations better. With different local rules in a country as diverse as India, ISA’s ability to scan and adapt could prove to be very useful.

On the flipside though, if ISA is made mandatory, it could further drive up cost price of vehicles and this could dampen purchase sentiments. Experts argue that while ISA cannot be a one-stop solution to the menace of overspeeding, it can be a tool in the fight for safer cars and roads.

First Published Date: 12 Jun 2024, 11:34 AM IST

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